The world the new fashion – self-photography, seemingly, seizes. That is селфи. Hobby downright common at youth. And uncles aunties are more senior too are noticed behind this mass occupation. Moreover, even the persons invested by the power spread on the Internet of with this or that foreshortening because of length of the hand holding the digital device or the mobile phone with a camera. What is селфи and when it appeared?
Vladimir Gjorgiev,

Physicians are already concerned that the unlimited number of the people became dependent from селфи. It is well visible on albums in social networks. The picture when somebody, having put out almost to a belt from a window of the bus, a tram or a train became the habitual phenomenon, removes itself. In any case transport? Young people climb on roofs of high-rise buildings, become on the eaves and press the descent button at the camera! And to it it is absolute on a fig that these actions create threat for the life. The main thing – to find stunning background behind a back and to lay out then a "sensational" photo in the Network.

Reaches in general the absurd moments. Example? Quite recently on the Internet there was a picture: the young man goes with lifted in the face of the camera on the road with very big traffic and does not see the car rushing on it.

Generally селфи (from English it is translated as «itself») appeared long ago. Almost at the beginning of the camera invention. Then it were decent on the size and weight wooden boxes. They were established on a tripod. The image passed through a lens in a box and "lit" a dark plate from the glass, covered with photosensitive chemical. There was a manifestation and image fixing further.

The photographer was still compelled to "glance" in a box under a cover, to put a plate, to adjust a lens and, having left a box, to press on it lock descent. Further (with the advent of a long rope) the photographer could remove already and itself. However, only standing. Or in a mirror if a support with the camera were behind. In process of improvement of cameras the mechanism which lowered a lock through certain time was thought up. It became already without a rope, cameras became more compact and weighed less.

On prescription селфи historians carry the most known to 1838. Then American Robert Cornelius (considered as the first photographer in the USA) removed itself. In Russia the first селфи was made by the daughter of tsar Nikolay II Anastas in 1914. It applied «Kodak Brownie» invented in 1900 to the photoself-portrait. Certainly, can be found in other countries селфи, made even earlier and other models of cameras.

Now discussion into that account, when and where on the Internet for the first time appeared селфи grows? Dispute is started by inhabitants of Australia. They consider that the palm belongs to their country. Proofs? In 2002 on one of the Australian sites the user laid out the photo with a mark apology for bad quality. The pier, removed itself in a state of intoxication. I believe, discussion on it will not come to an end.

It is noticed that the people who have been carried away селфи, become dependent on the camera or the mobile phone with the chamber. They try to find situations in which it is possible to make селфи with unexpected effect. Thus special attention give to the appearance. The last is very characteristic for female persons. In it there is nothing bad, if not one essential circumstance: these people become irritable on any trifle. Psychologists diagnose for them dysmorphophobia – the disturbing condition because of fear to appear not ready beautifully to remove.

Селфи becomes already the reason of various incidents. And not only on transport. With chambers juvenile children have mobile phones now even in gardens. Cases when the child, having appeared without supervision of adults are already noted, started to do селфи, without thinking at all of the safety – on a carriageway, near any working mechanism, standing close to another’s dog who has run in a yard …

It became obvious that селфи it is necessary to "settle" somehow. In the State Duma V. Zhirinovsky suggested to punish a large penalty of parents, whose children the next селфи created problems for themselves and people around. Probably, any rules for селфи nevertheless will appear.