Many dream to buy real estate in Spain. The climate, reasonable prices, loyal laws allow to make it quickly. In article it is told, how the transaction purchase and sale what are necessary documents and as it is possible to acquire the Spanish real estate in a mortgage is carried out. What it is necessary to know upon real estate purchase in Spain?
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Spain – very cozy country for accommodation. The wonderful, pleasant climate, colourful landscapes involve many people from the former Soviet Union to get here apartments.

Besides rather loyal laws of Spain allow to buy real estate quickly, without delays even to nonresidents of this country. Recently the prices rather democratic on apartments and country houses. After all offers in the real estate sphere exceed today demand.

Foreign citizens can buy apartments also in a mortgage. Procedure of receiving credit the simple. That the truth, stands out it only half the sums from housing cost. Purchase through agency

Foreigners upon purchase of real estate should be careful, after all in Spain swindlers in this sphere too boss. Many of which – the former natives of CIS countries. Therefore to get apartments it is best of all through real estate agencies.

For a start with agency the contract on mediation services consists. Then the demand is made. In it it is specified, what features the apartment should possess. And also area of placement, infrastructure, service services, budget of purchase and other nuances. The commission to agency makes 2–5 % from the transaction.

The Spanish real estate has essential distinction in the price. Apartments on the sea coast are more expensive similar in other place on 20 to 30 %. Upon real estate purchase at first it is necessary to be defined, which you want housing. And also place of its arrangement. After all for almost identical price it is possible to buy magnificent apartments or a modest lodge. Documents and taxes

All monetary operations occur through bank, therefore, it will be necessary to open the personal account. For the purchase and sale transaction at itself should be: the international passport and the document confirming the income. In other words, money should not raise doubts in "purity". It is no secret that many launder money at the expense of real estate purchase.

If the apartment is already chosen, it reserve and remove from sale for 2 months. The contract of a reserve is for this purpose made and pledge is brought. It makes 10 % from cost of apartments.

In Spain register real estate in the property Register. The transaction of purchase and sale is carried out through notary office. Registration of the bill of sale takes only some days. But it will be still necessary to pay taxes. The secondary market – an additional tax of 6-7 % from the transaction. If the seller the nonresident, makes a tax – 5 % from housing cost. And primary market – the stamp duty of 1 % and 7 % of the VAT from the transaction.

Often the transaction passes without the lawyer. But if the buyer is not sure that will understand all subtleties, or something can be unclear, it is better to address in legal office. The expense can be 1 % from total amount. But in this case the lawyer will settle all questions arising during operation of purchase and sale.

Owners of real estate pay an obligatory annual tax in Spain. It consists of two payments, one – 0,4 % from the sum of the cadastral sheet. The second payment depends on the area of apartments and location of housing. Also in Spain the property can be insured. Monthly contribution about 15-25 euros. The credit for foreigners

The real estate in Spain can be got to foreign citizens and on credit. But in order that the bank gave out the credit, at first it will be necessary to receive NIE (identification number of the foreigner). Through this code perform all bank operations.

Percent on the credit rather low – from 3 to 3,5 %. Stands out for the term from 25 till 30 years. But only for 50 % from cost of apartments. That allows to buy real estate even if there is no all sum for housing acquisition. For registration of the credit such documents are necessary:

• international passport copy;
• document on the income or salary;
• the document on an exchange rate, for salary recalculation in euro.

If the bank gives out good on receiving the credit, the contract on mortgage lending in this case consists. In this document the minimum income of the client should be specified. The fixed rate on percent of payment of the credit. If it floating, payment in the future can increase several times. The bank commission from the transaction too should be accurately fixed in the contract.

Purchase of real estate will help foreign citizens to accelerate obtaining nationality if the sum of purchase makes 160 000 euros and more. After real estate acquisition nationality is made out in some months.

Own real estate in Spain will open possibility to receive long-term residence permit in the simplified form. And it means that you can possess the same rights, as well as all citizens of Spain, with possible nuances.

In article the general moments which are required to be known if you decided on real estate purchase in Spain are specified only.

To pick up apartments it is possible presently also distantly. And to make the transaction of purchase and sale it is also possible at distance through the same agencies of real estate. On the truth, in this case you should be sure of honesty and in the correct paperwork. And that the agency already carried out such transactions without forgery and any problems. As they say, trust, but check, and apartments in Spain will make your life cozy.