are time to reflect what we do when we cut all lawns all alike? More precisely that they making the order to cut do. Because we, citizens, in the majority categorically against this mockery over the nature. But great organizing force of the state wins both our opinions, and common sense. Who and for what scoffs at city lawns? Whether

Someone still believes, what the cut-off grass clusters better? Concerning some grasses it is true: instead of a whisk with seeds (!) there are some lateral escapes. Yes only not all herbs take out such execution, and a variety after a mowing inevitably decreases. It is not a pity?

There are people who like an order. Order at any cost. For form’s sake they are ready to sow all lawns a boring Canadian weed which forces out any other vegetation. The terrible disaster of vegetative community is perceived by fans of an order as a victory over chaos.

Dear winners, allow to present you one extremely unpopular for the known reasons the point of view on a question of an order on a lawn.

About chronic lead poisoning наслышаны? Is not present? And what know about the reasons of intellectual backwardness already at every tenth child? Parents addicts? When at young parents children have diagnoses from the minimum brain dysfunction to an idiocy, it means, what one of spouses hid experiments with drugs?

Suspicions are inappropriate, because the reason of the struck nervous system of the child everywhere round us, it literally soars in air.

Lead in the atmosphere is considered a normal payment for using motor transport. We, it seems, are not going to refuse cars?

The vehicle fleet releases into the atmosphere on 10 billion lethal doses of lead a year. Its total is measured by hundred kilotons. We do not die only because were accustomed to lead as slowly as in the Middle Ages were accustomed to arsenic – to the main remedy of disposal for objectionable faces. People went pale and weak, but of lethal doses did not die suddenly and painfully, and became only even more pale and weaker. Now the person coming from the province to the megalopolis, tests an easy indisposition though inhalation of the same doses of lead at the beginning of the last century led to a lethal outcome.

Some people consider that in big cities air is purer, because expensive cars go by good gasoline, streets are not filled with smoke, the smell almost is not felt. But they are mistaken. Quality of gasoline of subjects is better, than the octane number is higher, and it increases by means of a tetraetilsvinets.

Now young families of highly educated citizens sell apartments and go to live to deaf places with clean air, towards to them the flow of natives of the village which are involved by rich city possibilities moves. That is poisoned try to correct it is already impossible what to correct, instead of poisoned go to receive the dose of a poison, and thus lead strikes practically all. At those and at others obviously sick children are born, the whole generation is obvious or hidden sick children. The whole generation with the weakened intelligence. The problem is aggravated with changes in an educational system and educations and that children’s domestic communities disappeared, development goes via screens of computers, and it is monstrously one-sided and unpromising way of development.

Old teachers assure that the gray troyechnik of a sample of 1975 at school of 2015 would be a child prodigy. There are bases to believe that they do not idealize the past, and tell the real truth. How believe, dullness of generation increases defense capacity of the country? Or on the contrary? Our strategic opponents are interested in this effect? Whether they can propose to any high-ranking official whom he cannot refuse?

Probably and, you will tell, but what this official could make? Cars how many goes, goes so much, an exhaust to the atmosphere how many gets, gets so much, and to increase this quantity in times hardly possibly.

But let’s assume that such actively acting official already is, maybe, at all one, and with this assumption we will look at that occurs.

What constrained increase in number of cars?

First, jams with average speed of 100 meters per hour. There is no sense to hold the car, if on foot – quicker. Secondly, absence of parkings. What reason to go home or for work on the car if some hours you will look for a place where it to put?

What is made in recent years in Moscow? Roads are expanded and in each yard parking spaces, pieces on twenty on the house are organized. Result – prompt take-off of sales.

In 1950 in Moscow there were 82 thousand units of motor transport, in 1960-150 thousand, in 10 years – 500 thousand, that is when there is no jams, the number of cars in ten years doubles and trebles. In 2014 in Moscow there were 5,5 million cars, by three increase, please.

And what about lead which already is in air and it is every minute added? Ill-wishers would like, probably, that it did not disappear anywhere. Know, where it now disappears from air?

He is brought together by plants. Endow itself, rescuing us. Lovely yellow dandelions, originating in depth on 60 centimeters, on this depth carry away from the atmosphere terrible lead and preserve it there. Than enough of oduvanchikovy glades and than above they lift the leaves and heads, it is less than subjects in lead air.

What should our hypothetical official that dandelions did not clean air make?

First, to reduce number of not sealed soil on which they without demand settle. Also that at us with not sealed soil?

And with the soil at us that it was possible to predict easily: only for the last few years in Moscow the areas of parks and lawns decreased twice. Those stoyanochka in court yard and expanded highways and "well-planned" parks and the playgrounds filled in with rubber and the areas paved by a plitochka gradually snipped off a half of space available to plants. Also that on the remained half?

Let’s look at lawns which for the present are. Let’s look at that is called as lawns. At someone’s bad will their each ten days iron mowing machines or peel to the basis trimmer. It becomes because Englishmen told us that as though beautiful boring lawns they received the as a result of a 200-year hairstyle. And we decided to cut the, having directed to an overseas ideal. Yes only the hairstyle at us professionally was conducted by cows and goats throughout one thousand years, and not to Englishmen us to teach, as lawns to cut. That we had before arrival of a trimmer, and is an ideal to which all Europe aspires. And we that? How to us in the head comes to destroy the treasure?

And we also do not destroy, on the contrary, we fill up many years the Government with letters on inadmissibility of barbarous destruction of vegetation and we rush under trimmer to stop criminal acts. We are it inhabitants of big cities, in particular Moscow. Think, it we on sites write, what we ask to mow a blade, on it there can be a kleshchik? Anything similar. We write how veterans over mutilated, as cry during war, the earth.

Our words something mean? Anything. And when on the Active citizen will begin vote about lawns, our voices will mean nothing. Because for this purpose also there are votes on the Internet that the above described official did the bad work without hindrances and even at complete approval of the virtual people. The destiny of the people real – is pitiable.