Driver operating the car in an alcohol intoxication, makes a set of mistakes. As shows recent research, organism dehydration is not less dangerous. Under the influence of thirst the quantity of the mistakes made by men for рулём of cars, increases twice. The one who feels desire to drink, is mistaken as is frequent, as well as drunk. Why drivers are mistaken? Ruins people not beer...
Tarasyuk Igor,

Drunk for рулём – the criminal, it know all. The share of drunk drivers among responsible for road accidents in Russia makes from 4 % to 14 %. It is a lot of, considering that annually on the Russian roads there are nearly 200 thousand road accidents. However that serves as the reason of other failures?

Traditional and clear the unsatisfactory condition of equipment and a paving, a problem with health of drivers and weather conditions, non-compliance with traffic regulations and an error of management of vehicles are considered as everything as the reasons of incidents. In total?

Researchers from University Loughborough, Great Britain, studied influence on quality of driving of thirst. Scientists entrusted an autosimulator wheel to those who drank not enough liquid, and that who received it in prosperity.

Examinees within two hours "drove" on the two-way highway abounding with turns, guide signs, roadsides and low-speed vehicles which should be overtaken. Results of tests are recently published in the Physiology And Behaviour magazine.

It appeared that in an educational mode, «most approached to a fighting situation», the male drivers receiving each hour on only 25 ml of liquid (certainly, not alcohol drinks) made hourly on the average by 101 mistake whereas those who drank on a glass (200 ml), were mistaken twice less often, on their account on the average on 47 mistakes.

Results really strike if to compare them to indicators of drunk drivers. According to the professor Rhone Mogana (Ron Maughan), in combination the university professor and the chairman of the Advisory board of the European institute of hydration (European Hydration Institute, EHI), the drivers which blood alcohol content exceeds an admissible threshold, are mistaken as is frequent, as well as those who is tormented by thirst.

Words of the scientist get a special sharpness if to consider that in Great Britain quite "democratic" norms affect blood alcohol content of gentlemen for рулём. Drunk only there are considered at whom in blood more than 0,08 % of alcohol, whereas the Russian norm – 0,035 %.

At the same time the level of dehydration used in research, it is possible to call "soft", it reflects a real condition of drivers at the end of the working day.

Staff of the European institute of hydration, the customer of research, obviously, expected result in advance and organized tests on purpose to draw attention of society to an important problem.

«Experience shows that many drivers avoid drink during long trips to reduce quantity of stops for a toilet, – the director of EHI Jane Holdsuort (Jane Holdsworth) believes. – But we know, what even moderate dehydration can cause such symptoms, as a headache, fatigue and slackness. Mistakes of drivers today – the main reason for road accidents, and EHI wanted to check, whether dehydration influences a curve of driver’s mistakes».

Truly, «ruins people not beer», and thirst.

Dear drivers! Drink for рулём in time and in plenty, it will help to avoid troubles on roads.