We’d like to thank the widespread community of mothers who make up Literary Mama, especially Amy Hudock, for bringing us together and in­spiring us with their excellent writing. We’re grateful to our agent, Rachel Sussman, for her guidance, and our editor at Rutgers University Press, Adi Hovav, for her unflagging enthusiasm for this book. Our thanks to our families, particularly our parents—Christopher and Margaret Webber, and John and Gwen Prestwood—for their steadfast love and support. Caroline would also like to thank the Motherlode Writers and her sister, Libby Gruner—always her first readers—for their careful attention to her writ­ing; Elrena would like to thank her Aunt Sharon for suggesting that she major in English rather than neonatology. Finally, we would like to thank our husbands, Tony and Bill, for making our writing lives possible with their incredible good humor, technical savvy, and love; without them, this book would not exist.