■ From the beginning of recorded history, humankind has been concerned about birth control.

■ Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinics in the United States at a time when it was illegal to provide birth control information and devices.

■ Objections to contraception stem from Roman Catholic doctrine and far-right anti-contraception beliefs. However, most church members in the United States approve of and use some kind of artificial contraception.

Sharing Responsibility and Choosing a Birth Control Method

■ A man can share contraceptive responsibility with his female partner by getting informed, asking a new partner about birth control, accompanying his partner to her exam, using condoms and/or coital abstinence if the couple chooses, and sharing the expense of the exam and contraceptive method.

■ Comparison of convenience, safety, cost, and effectiveness may influence the choice of contraception.

■ People who feel guilty, have negative attitudes about sexual­ity, and do not talk with their partners about contraception are less likely to use contraception effectively than are people who have positive attitudes about sexuality.