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Sexual Harassment

■ Sexual harassment in the workplace or in an academic set­ting is any unwanted sexual attention from someone on the

Sexual Coercion

What arguments can be made as to whether pornography is helpful

or harmful to individuals and couples? Laurence Dutton/Getty Images

I really don’t appreciate pornography, it does nothing for me. I love naked women in person and in bed, but seeing them in porn is a pointless turn-on. pornography is really degrading toward women, and it gives young people the wrong ideas about women. (Authors’ files)

I have found that when my partner and I watch porn I get extremely aroused and let myself go wild with my sexuality. One time I got so turned on that I took control of the evening by making him do everything I wanted, like being rough, domineering, or sensitive. We also tried different areas in the room, like the coffee table, recliner, and couch. It wore us out so bad that we fell asleep naked in the middle of the floor tangled in each other’s embrace. I feel that my partner and I have really benefited from including porn in our sex. We have become so comfortable, close, and in love knowing that sex is a good thing. (authors’ files)

Throughout this text, we have explored many aspects of sexuality—from biology and behavior to sexual problems and their treatment. One topic we have not yet investigated is sex as business—the exchange of money for sexual stimulation. As we will see in this chapter, a great deal of controversy surrounds sex in the marketplace. In the following pages, we examine pornography and sex work in depth. We explore some of the social and legal issues surrounding these activities and the ways in which digital technology has changed the business of pornography and sex work. We look first at pornography.