Straight, gay, and lesbian porn are broad categories that do not begin to include the enormous variety of sexually explicit topics. Specialty pornography "is a mighty testa­ment to the infinite variety of human imagination" (Hanus, 2006b, p. 59). It caters to the wide range of interests in bondage and discipline; sadomasochism fetishes; trans­gender, pregnant, old/mature, and interracial sex; orgies; pornographic Japanese ani­mation; and almost any other imaginable topic.

The various categories of pornography previously described are useful as a working model to conceptualize different types of sexually explicit material, but we should stress that in real life, individual reactions to pornography have more variations than any spe­cific category. "One person’s pornography is another person’s erotica, and one person’s

erotica can cause someone else to lose her lunch" (Kipnis, 1996, p. 64). And what may be harmless in one context (for instance, a couple using an erotic DVD to explore dif­ferent ways of making love) may be potentially damaging in another context (such as a young child finding the DVD and watching it).