Sexually explicit films developed for heterosexual, gay, or lesbian consumers differ < in some of their general characteristics. Much of straight porn is based on a formula of close-up views of various positions of intercourse and oral and anal sex. Two 5 women having sex, threesomes, and group sex are often part of the formula. Wom­en’s bodies are the primary focus of the film. Most of the female porn stars have stereotypical underweight bodies with implant-enhanced large breasts. Eroticism of the male body is rare, and the male actors are often, sometimes at best, ordinary looking. The "money shot," a close-up of the man ejaculating outside of the woman’s vagina or mouth, is a marker of straight porn (Paul, 2005).

The gay porn industry is comparable in size to the straight porn industry and shows the same range of low-cost to well-made films. Most of today’s gay porn is made with well-groomed, muscular, good-looking men. Gay porn emphasizes eroticism of the male body and unfettered lust that ranges from aggressive to tender. Subgenres include more variation in body type. For example, "bear porn" features large men with extensive body hair (Blue, 2003).

Far fewer lesbian porn films are made, and they tend to be low-budget and unpol­ished compared with straight and gay porn. Most lesbian porn films feature real-life lovers. They realistically portray diverse and powerful lesbian sexual interaction instead of a performance for the viewer. A different style of beauty and sex is evident: A great variety of body types and a range of butch and femme styles pervade the films (Stites,

2007) . Role-playing, talking, costuming, and sex toys take precedence over plot. Safer – sex practices are often included in the sexual activity (Blue, 2003).