With what we happen? Three types of a constitution

You never noticed, what people similar outwardly often show also lines of similarity of characters? It is not so casual, as that the psychology studies not only the sincere world of the person, but also his body is not casual also. The factors connecting structure of a body with structure of the personality, a set. Let’s concern only one, the major and base: such as a constitution.

Among people surrounding us it is possible to allocate quite accurately full, thin and strong. Physicians and psychologists, without philosophizing, took as a basis Continue reading

What will prevent driving in a state of intoxication?

American administration of safety of traffic presented the car equipped with advanced technology which is capable to reveal the drunk driver and to stop vehicle operation. In system two sensors. The first looks for alcohol signs in the air exhaled by the driver, the second – tactile – calculates concentration of alcohol in blood a method of near spectroscopy. What will prevent driving in a state of intoxication?
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Belief and administrative coercion – two main methods of fight against alcoholism for рулём. Probably, supporters of a sober way of life in this fight soon Continue reading

How to be risen to a plastic window? Confusion and choice

As soon as in the nineties last century to us windows from plastic got, right there the flow of information fell upon citizens. To be lost in it it is possible and until now as plastic windows are constantly updated both technologically, and it is constructive. So, starting repair, the owner appears in the confused situation. How to be risen to a plastic window? Confusion and choice
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All frames from wood are habitual. But in most cases they decay quickly. There are, certainly, excellent frames from strong breeds. However the price of such products is too far from Continue reading

Than the bank deposit is dangerous?

On datas of statistics, a half of our fellow citizens holds the savings on bank deposits. And it no wonder, after all for many is the simplest way to start to invest the money with the minimum risk. However everything is not so unequivocal! Than the bank deposit is dangerous?
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Often I hear reproaches in the address concerning my councils to hold the most part of the savings on bank deposits. Because:

– percent on deposits do not cover inflation;

– the Continue reading

Americans buy what cars reluctantly?

In the American market are presented a set of models, but thus one are on sale almost instantly whereas others wait for buyers almost on half a year. A rating of the cars sold most slowly, analysts of the edition 24/7 Wall St made. 4 radical "Americans", 3 "Japanese", 2 "Europeans" got to a rating and only one representative of the Korean automotive industry. Americans buy what cars reluctantly?
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In 2014 Americans got more than 1,5 million cars and pickups. In the American market the set of models is presented, but thus Continue reading

Who will help to sell favourably to real estate? Real estate broker!

are better to perform work, than the professional in any business, cannot anybody. Real estate sale – rather long, labor-intensive and troublesome process. Whether it is necessary most to look for potential buyers, all the time to answer calls and to be prevented from working, to show the apartment? And whether there is a confidence, what you will sell the housing at the good price is independent and will correctly carry out the purchase and sale transaction? Who will help to sell favourably to real estate? Real estate broker!
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Before selling the real estate, reflect: whether Continue reading

What is the projective psychological tests?

One of all of known instruments of psychological diagnostics – tests. It is possible to test almost any aspect of mentality – memory, attention, and even the personality. There is an opinion that all psychologists use tests. That the psychologist nearly from a threshold will suggest to be tested and everything will tell about you! Generally, everything is not so iridescent. What is the projective psychological tests?
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The science, of course, moves forward, and differently can be. No, exact tests are. That investigate the cognitive sphere: memory, attention, Continue reading

It is very clever, or you Will live for me, the child?

You love advertizing? I adore it, especially, if children there are involved. I am touched by the pink-checked robust fellows sleeping all night long thanks to healthy tummies and dry buttocks, raised by a high-quality dairy mix (very almost as mother’s milk) and any green baddy from banks which even production "father" refuses to eat. But the main thing – quiet. As accept a lung soothing for mind and obedience … It is very clever, or you Will live for me, the child?
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I am amused by advertizing where children in an image of classics of domestic literature promise Continue reading

«To run, Vitenka»… How to help children and not to go on the world?

I do not know, how there «at them» with a generation gap, but at us with it everything is upside down overturned. My eyes got out on a forehead when I saw the old woman of years of 80, complaining of small pension while she needs to pay for drugs, the apartment and… – attention! – to help children! I made pneumomassage of ears, but did not mishear: it needs to give money to children! «To run, Vitenka»... How to help children and not to go on the world?
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It became clear: this world flies to an abyss. In the head the picture from old Jumble turned. Remember the granny, hurrying to the Continue reading