What is the projective psychological tests?

One of all of known instruments of psychological diagnostics – tests. It is possible to test almost any aspect of mentality – memory, attention, and even the personality. There is an opinion that all psychologists use tests. That the psychologist nearly from a threshold will suggest to be tested and everything will tell about you! Generally, everything is not so iridescent. What is the projective psychological tests?
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The science, of course, moves forward, and differently can be. No, exact tests are. That investigate the cognitive sphere: memory, attention, Continue reading

It is very clever, or you Will live for me, the child?

You love advertizing? I adore it, especially, if children there are involved. I am touched by the pink-checked robust fellows sleeping all night long thanks to healthy tummies and dry buttocks, raised by a high-quality dairy mix (very almost as mother’s milk) and any green baddy from banks which even production "father" refuses to eat. But the main thing – quiet. As accept a lung soothing for mind and obedience … It is very clever, or you Will live for me, the child?
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I am amused by advertizing where children in an image of classics of domestic literature promise Continue reading

«To run, Vitenka»… How to help children and not to go on the world?

I do not know, how there «at them» with a generation gap, but at us with it everything is upside down overturned. My eyes got out on a forehead when I saw the old woman of years of 80, complaining of small pension while she needs to pay for drugs, the apartment and… – attention! – to help children! I made pneumomassage of ears, but did not mishear: it needs to give money to children! «To run, Vitenka»... How to help children and not to go on the world?
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It became clear: this world flies to an abyss. In the head the picture from old Jumble turned. Remember the granny, hurrying to the Continue reading

The image maker is necessary to you?

To achieve success in any field of activity, it is necessary to have certain qualities and traits of character. Known psychologist Charles Jung considered that everyone judge on that image, which everyone примеривает before issue. The image maker is necessary to you?
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As often it is necessary to hear from people around that they are talented, formed, purposeful – and, nevertheless, cannot achieve success in a professional field.

According to researches of psychologists, 85 % of people make the opinion on the person in the first 10-20 seconds of Continue reading

Where Smorodinka blossoms?

Ordinary the currant – all pretty yellow florets blossoms. Leaves – cuffs fringed are good only. And as will become covered by summer by black glossy berries – eyes not to tear off! Hang on branches hard balls, the sun from them as if from the polished drums jumps aside, and they, know to itself, ripen, by elastic sweet are poured. Where Smorodinka blossoms?

The smorodinka is unpretentious, is reconciled both with a shadow, and with the drought, and nevertheless loves the damp earth and the sun. Berries at such currant – splendidly: juicy, cool, Continue reading

What it, woman in American?

All people are made of one "dough". And if it is the woman, be it in America or in Ukraine, she as would like to live adequately, eternally to love, be irreplaceable both in society, and in a family. But local mentality, climate, a surrounding situation – such "components" which make rather appreciable changes to structure of this "dough". Here I also asked a question to the schoolmate, the former inhabitant of Odessa nowadays living in the USA: «What they, Americans?» What it, woman in American?
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«Appearance, Continue reading

Who it – «Great lame» world football? Brazilian Garrincha of

By right it is considered the recognized king of the Brazilian and all world football Pele. On heels to it there comes Manoel (Манэ) Francisco DOS Santos, the nicknamed Garrincha. That is characteristic, Garrincha since the childhood was lame and not simply limped, one foot at it was shorter another on 6 cm and doctors could help nothing, were glad that the boy in general went. Probably, have no the well-known football player of such defect, Pele would be the second. Who it – «Great lame» world football? Brazilian Garrincha of

Though, who knows? Be Garrincha another, can, and would Continue reading

How to learn is tasty to prepare? Elements for the beginning culinary specialist

Any person can cook the simplest food, but know how to cook difficult dishes, it is correct to combine seasonings, sauces with dishes is a true art. To learn it is tasty can prepare everyone without an exception. Everything that for this purpose is necessary – interest in business, aspiration to learn to prepare and it is a lot of practice. So, what is necessary to become the real culinary specialist and to please the with seven "restaurant" dishes? How to learn is tasty to prepare? Elements for the beginning culinary specialist
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The most important – your hobby should bring pleasure. Continue reading

What is селфи and when it appeared?

The world the new fashion – self-photography, seemingly, seizes. That is селфи. Hobby downright common at youth. And uncles aunties are more senior too are noticed behind this mass occupation. Moreover, even the persons invested by the power spread on the Internet of with this or that foreshortening because of length of the hand holding the digital device or the mobile phone with a camera. What is селфи and when it appeared?
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Physicians are already concerned that the unlimited number of the people became dependent from селфи. It is well visible Continue reading