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Country genetics. How to grow up a tykvo-cucumber?

Summer residents, as we know, – an advance party of fighters for consumption ecologically and, the most important, genetically pure vegetables. It is supposed, what at itself on six (or how many them at us?) hundred parts the respectable summer resident most will track purity of this.

Let the scientific enemy in a white dressing gown is torn through a rabitsa to introduce in chromosomes of a favourite potato any harmful gene which would make a tuber opposite for the Colorado beetle. No pasaran! Continue reading

Than the juniper is useful?

The juniper, tree or bush from family cypress, exists on our planet about 50 million years. Than the juniper is useful?

Evergreen, by the form it also reminds a small cypress. This plant long-liver. The juniper lives in favorable conditions from 600 to 3000 years. Present, somewhere on Earth still there live the plants which have arisen from seeds for тыщу of years B.C.

The juniper is famous for the medical properties long since. This plant treat many diseases: skin, tuberculosis, asthma. The juniper affects soothingly nervous system, removes Continue reading

What is the bonsai?

To people always not only that the nature gives them. They try to improve and change the world round themselves. One of results of such aspiration also is a bonsai – the tiny tree which has grown in a superficial vessel, the size no more than a usual window plant. The bonsai is an integral part fashionable now Japanese culture. What is the bonsai?

Many wrongly believe that a bonsai – a grade of any dwarfish tree. Actually it not so. A bonsai – the usual tree, grown in the unusual way. It specially grow up small and curve. There is a Continue reading