The juniper, tree or bush from family cypress, exists on our planet about 50 million years. Than the juniper is useful?

Evergreen, by the form it also reminds a small cypress. This plant long-liver. The juniper lives in favorable conditions from 600 to 3000 years. Present, somewhere on Earth still there live the plants which have arisen from seeds for тыщу of years B.C.

The juniper is famous for the medical properties long since. This plant treat many diseases: skin, tuberculosis, asthma. The juniper affects soothingly nervous system, removes a stress. And why? Because in it there are a lot of essential oils with resinous, tart, smoky aroma.

In Rome and Ancient Greece this small cypress was considered as an infallible remedy from a sting of snakes. Romans added the crushed berries of a juniper in wine and drank it at liver diseases as a diuretic.

In Ancient Russia of a bark of a juniper did ware. And the ware long did not spoil, and the milk stored in such ware, even in hot day did not turn sour.

On the bactericidal properties juniper needles leader. Oil from this plant anesthetizes, invigorates, clears, warms and strengthens. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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The branches of a juniper previously consecrated in church, hang out in houses. It is considered that they preserve against diseases and every possible misfortunes.

The juniper eliminates hypostases, helps at dermatitis and a toothache. Is anti-cellulite means, liquidates an inflammation of a pulmonary and bronchial fabric, improves warm activity. Normalizes blood circulation, arterial pressure. Helps at gripes, locks, various other diseases. The range of medical influence is wide.

Because of salutary properties, a dolgozhitelstvo and also because wood of a juniper does not decay, at some people this plant is a symbol of eternal life and death overcoming.

The juniper at an acute inflammation of kidneys is contraindicated, to pregnancy, heavy degree of a hypertension, individual intolerance.

Oil dosages following: for a bath of 3-6 drops with emulsifier, compresses of 5-7 drops. Hot inhalations – 2-3 drops, procedure should not last more than 5-7 minutes. At massage in oil for massage add 4-6 drops of oil of a juniper. On 10 grams of cream or a face pack add 5 drops of oil. In a hookah or an aromakuritelnitsa add as much.

Add a juniper in diuretic collecting. For this purpose take a birch leaf, a root of a dandelion and juniper berry in equal parts. Mix and a tablespoon of a mix make a boiled water glass. Insist before cooling, filter. Drink on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day to food.

At stomach ulcer recommend broth from juniper roots. The tablespoon of the crushed roots is filled in by 100 ml of boiled water. Boil 15-20 minutes in the closed ware. Insist 15-20 minutes, filter and drink on 3 times a day to food.

It is very useful попариться in баньке, having taken with itself веничек from a juniper. Will feel newly been born.

If to burn juniper branches indoors, air will well be disinfected.

Berries of a juniper add as spice to various dishes and sourcrout. They are perfectly combined with garlic, mint, a wormwood. But take no more than 5-6 berries on 1 kg of meat, differently they can harm to health.

By the way, the known alcohol drink gin (not to confuse to the genie) is a vodka, infused on шишкоягодах a juniper.