Similarly to bolokoli-kelaw, the mmagnonmakanw come from caste[107] [108] groups and are the designated gatekeepers of traditional practices and rites of initiation. For both, their roles are social obligations handed down through several generations, through training and personal coaching. From our discussions, we gathered that both practitioners still enjoy social approval for their activities, and that they are in great demand for their services. Their remuneration varies from one client to the other. In urban areas, these occupations come as secondary activities, parallel to a main income-generating occupation.

The magnonmakanw usually insist on the fact that their services are not meant for the promotion of adultery, they are particularly denied to girls involved in pre­marital sex. The magnonmakanw do not want to be associated in any way with what they perceive as abnormal sexual behaviours. They are usually the care providers to couples, throughout the lifespan of the marriage.