Completing a project as large as a Routledge handbook necessarily involves the support and cooperation of a large number of colleagues. The editors would particularly like to thank the members of the international Editorial Board listed at the front of this volume for their time and generosity in helping develop the collection. We would like to thank all our authors too for their commitment to the project and for working to a tight schedule when revising and delivering their chapters.

We wish to thank Emerald King for helping source the cover illustration, the two cosplayers Misun and Dalfe featured in the photograph, and the photographer Tessu for permission to use their images. We would also like to thank Asahi Shinbun, Corbis, Andrew Field and Travis Kong for permission to reproduce images.

Lucy Fraser kindly helped in the compilation of the index.

Hyaeweol Choi and Ruth Barraclough would like to acknowledge that their chapters draw on research completed under an Academy of Korean Studies (KSPS) grant funded by the Korean Government (MOE) (AKS-2011-BAA-2106). Vera Mackie would like to acknowledge that her contributions to the volume draw on research funded by the Australian Research Council grants FT0992328 (2009-13) and DP0450753 (2004-8). Mark McLelland would like to acknowledge the Australian Research Council grant FT120100388.

At Routledge, we would like to thank Leanne Hinves and Helena Hurd for their constant support.

Mark McLelland and Vera Mackie