In nonindustrialized countries, nearly all babies are born at home; worldwide, approxi­mately 80% of babies are (Dunham et al., 1992). For low-risk pregnancies, home birth has been found to be as safe as a hospital delivery (Johnson & Daviss, 2005). Oftentimes, home births are done with the help of a midwife. Proponents of home birthing argue that it has been the medical establishment that has moved delivery into hospitals as a way of making money and controlling women’s bodies. Even so, in the United States to­day, the majority of babies are born in hospitals. A relatively recent development is the concept of birthing centers within hospital settings. These centers provide very com­fortable rooms, often complete with soothing music, a television, cheery colors, a shower, and a Jacuzzi. Some also provide a bed for the father-to-be.