ee is a 37-year-old prostitute in Sydney, Australia.

She also raises a family at home. Here she talks about her life of prostitution. [4]

Clients ask for a range of different sexual activities. It can range from good old-fashioned straight-out sex to swinging from the chandeliers. Apart from bondage and discipline there are some weird requests such as golden showers, spankings and whippings, and the guy who wants a girl to shit on a glass-top table with him underneath the table. There’s money to be made in these things but I won’t do them because it’s my own individual choice.

As for a typical day for me, I get up between seven and seven-thirty and have the usual argument with getting kids off to school. I do my housework like any other housewife. I have pets, and I have a normal home. I eat, sleep and breathe like any normal human being. I enjoy cooking a lot. I keep my business quite separate from my home life, and the kids don’t know what I do, my husband doesn’t want to know about it and I don’t want to discuss it with him. Work is work. I go to work to work and when I go home and close the doors on the house that’s it. My occupation is not all that different from any nine-to-five worker except the hours are better, I’m my own boss, and the pay’s better.

Source: Perkins & Bennett, 1985, pp. 71-85.

drug addictions and use the prostitution as a way to help pay for their drugs (Potterat et al., 1998).

Подпись: As a prostitute's drug addictions increase, her willingness to accept less money or drugs in return for services also increases (Dalla, 2002). Entry into prostitution is often a gradual process (Goode, 1994). At first, the activity may bother them; but, as time goes by, they become accustomed to the life and begin to see themselves and the profession differently. In the accompanying Human Sexuality in a Diverse World, “Female Prostitution in Australia,” one woman shares her feelings about her work.