Although growing up and coming out can be difficult for many gay, lesbian, and bisex­ual youths, the next step is establishing intimate relationships. Let’s now explore same – sex coupling, sexuality, parenting, and aging.

Looking for Partners

Подпись: gay bar Club or bar that caters primarily to same-sex couples. Подпись:Подпись:Life Issues: Partnering, Sexuality, Parenthood, and AgingMeeting other gay, lesbian or bisexual partners in the heterosexual world can be difficult, so the gay community has developed its own social institutions to help people meet one another and socialize. As we discussed in Chapter 8, many homosexual youths have been turning to the Internet in search of partners. Today many schools and universities have clubs, support groups, and meeting areas for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students. Adults can meet others at gay bars or clubs that cater primarily to same-sex couples, gay sup­port or discussion groups, and gay organizations, and also through the Internet. Some smaller towns that don’t have gay bars offer gay night at certain bars once a week or so. Gay magazines like The Advocate carry personal ads and ads for dating services, travel clubs, resorts, bed and breakfasts, theaters, businesses, pay phone lines, sexual products, and other services to help gays and lesbians find partners. And of course, gay individu­als are introduced through gay and straight friends.