Prostitutes are not the only people involved in the business. Other players include pimps, clients, and the government.

The Pimp

Pimps play an important role in prostitution, although not all prostitutes have pimps. In exchange for money, a pimp offers the prostitute protection from both clients and the police. Many pimps take all of a prostitute’s earnings and manage the money, providing her with clothes, jewels, food, and sometimes a place to live. A pimp recruits prostitutes and will often manage a group of prostitutes, known as his “stable.” His women are known by each other as “wives-in-law” (Ward et al., 1994).

Many pimps feel powerful within their peer group and enjoy the fact that their job is not particularly stressful for them. Pimps often require that their prostitutes make a certain amount of money (Dalla, 2002). In addition, a pimp often has several women working for him, many of whom he is involved with sexually.


Ancient images that Carl Jung believed we are born with and influenced by.