Подпись: ReviewQuestionПодпись: Describe the differences between ^traditional and covenant marriages. Men have been found to mourn divorce differently from women (Baum, 2003). They tend to mourn the loss of their home and children more than the loss of their wife, and men's pain over divorce is expressed more through action, rather than words or emotions. one partner is the initiator, it is usually the female. One study found that women initiated 75% of divorces (J. B. Kelly, 1989). The individual who wants his or her marriage to end is likely to view the marriage totally differently from the individual who wants the mar­riage to continue (Wang & Amato, 2000). In addition, the partner who initiated the di­vorce has often completed the mourning of the relationship by the time the divorce is complete, unlike the partner whose mourning begins once the divorce is finalized.

Why Do People Get Divorced?

It is very difficult to determine why some marriages fail; every couple has its own story. Sometimes the spouses themselves are at a loss to understand why their marriage failed. We will now explore some of the social, predisposing, and relationship factors that may contribute to divorce.

Social Factors Affecting Divorce

Divorce rates in the United States are influenced by changes in legal, political, religious, and familial patterns. For example, states have all instituted some type of no-fault di­vorce, whereby neither partner needs to be found guilty of a transgression (such as hav-

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