The Best and the Worst of TimesThe Best and the Worst of Times

asked some of my students to identify both posi­tive and negative sexual experiences they have had. Following are some of their responses to the question, "What, in your opinion, constitutes your best and worst sex­ual experience?" Students decided for themselves how to de­fine "sexual experience." For some it meant first sex­ual intercourse, and for others it did not.

The Best Sexual Experience

Female: When my boyfriend and I spent the whole night together in a hotel room. We exchanged presents, ate food, and, of course, had sex. It didn’t matter how long it was for or what we did because since we were alone we didn’t have to worry about parents walking in the room. After we had sex we took a bath together and then fell asleep together.

Male: The Monday Night Maddog Special!! We would have dinner when Monday Night Football started, give each other a massage with hot oil and then have sex every quarter of the game!

Female: The first time my boyfriend gave me oral sex. We had both just learned about the clitoris. He made the alphabet on my clitoris with his tongue, starting with the letter A and ending with Z. Then he started all over again.

Male: When I realized there was a difference between "making love" and "having sex." I’ve never been the same since.

Female: A guy I was getting to like called me one night and told me how much he wanted me and how gor­geous I was. When he finished telling me all these great things he told me to touch myself, and I did. That was the first time I ever had an orgasm with my own hands.

Male: When I gave my boyfriend oral sex, because it was the first time he had received pleasure like that from a guy.

Male: When I lost my virginity. We had such an open and easy relationship that when we had sex again it was totally fine. We tried a variety of positions to learn what was best for both of us.

Male: A threesome with two girls on New Year’s Eve.