Подпись: ReviewQuestion Identify and explain how the ^sociological and interactional theories explain the development of homosexuality. Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:Подпись:By the 9th century, almost every part of Europe had some sort of local law code based on Church teachings, and although these codes included strong sanctions for sexual transgressions, including rape, adultery, incest, and for­nication, homosexual relations were not forbidden in any of them (Boswell, 1980). Church indifference to homosexuality lasted well through

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A The pink triangle has become one of the symbols of the modern gay rights movement. The triangle originated in Nazi concentration camps during World War II when prisoners wore badges to identify the reason for their imprisonment. Originally, a pink triangle identified gay prisoners, and a black triangle identified lesbian prisoners.

the 13th century; in other words, tor the first 1,300 years of Christianity, the Church showed very little interest in homosexuality and did not generally condemn the behav­ior. Male brothels appeared, defenses of homosexual relations began to appear in print, and homosexuality became a tairly accepted part ot the general culture until the late Middle Ages.

Homosexuality was completely legal in most countries in Europe in the year 1250. By 1300, however, there was a new intolerance of differences, and homosexuality was punishable by death almost everywhere. This view from the late Middle Ages has influenced the Western world’s view of homosexuality for the last 700 years.

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