The potential literature which could be cited in a book such as this is overwhelming in range and in sheer amount. I have, therefore, illus­trated the arguments made with examples from four empirical areas: the sociologies of education, stratification, science and medicine. These are the areas I know best in sociology. I have crossed the boundary between sociology and anthropology, rather than the boundaries with other social sciences, because anthropology is where my own roots lie. As well as academic writing I have used autobiographical essays by sociologists, especially 22 memoirs by distinguished American men, and 42 by American women, including 22 distinguished women. I have also illustrated some points with fiction, usually popular novels rather than literary ones. When, for example, I discuss the term flaneur, I have mentioned its use in John Buchan’s thrillers rather than any novel F. R. Leavis would have approved of. I do this in the spirit of interdiscipli­narity which is a characteristic of feminism.