What is the attitude of the militant black community to this psychosexual degradation that is racism? I have stated that the black male has three choices in reacting to the white male’s power over him.

1) He can submit on the terms set up by the white male (at best to become a black celebrity—comedian, athlete, or musician—or a member of the black bour­geoisie).

2) He can refuse the identification altogether, with all the consequences of being defined as less than "a man” (the ravaged ghetto youth I have described).

3) He can try to revolt and overthrow the Father, which may include stealing that power position for him­self (political organization for revolution, especially the recent militance).

The black movement has chosen the third alternative, by far the healthiest. But how does it plan to accomplish this? One way is to unite with the white forces that are also attempting the same thing.[12] The Family once again:

the white male left is the weakling Legitimate Son. The black male is the tough guy Bastard Brother, the illegiti­mate son wanting a chance at tha^ power. The Half- Brothers have made a deal: the disinherited Brother’s street “smarts” and raw strength of discontent to aid the pampered neurotic Legitimate Son, in exchange for tac­tics, rhetoric, and, above all, for a promise of a portion of that son’s birthright when he attains the throne. What the two brothers are really talking about is not justice and equality but (male) power.

And who is Little Sister? White women on the Left are allowed to tag along, occasionally, if they do the dirty work; but more often they get put down, and left out (“pests,” with their constant demands for inclusion, throw­ing tantrums at any little “male chauvinist” remark). The Sister fools herself, identifying so strongly with Big Brother that she actually at times begins to believe her­self just like him. She finds it harder and harder to iden­tify with that dimming mass of ordinary women oiit there (Mother) whom she must kill in herself in order to win Big Brother’s approval. He encourages her in this. He knows illusions of her coming power will make her more docile in the long run. She can be useful, especially in getting at the Father.

Moreover, the Brothers have made a blood pact: you give me your chicks (the Bastard Brother fulfills his fanta­sies on Little Sister while the white boy pretends not to notice), and I’ll give yon mine (the white boy gets his first real screw while the Bastard Brother snickers).

And the black sister? Black male militants, going for the “legit” this time, are reordering their sexuality to con­form with the going model. Attempts are now being made to institute the family in the black community, to transform the black community from Whorehouse for the white family to Black Family. The black woman is being converted from her previous role, Whore, to Revered- Black-Queen-Mother-of-My-Children. Thus, the Bastard Son has assumed the role of Father within his own com­munity in anticipation of his coming power. Here is a

much-circulated poster, tacked up in an East Village store window: