Подпись: Russ Meyer The King of the Nudies was a glamour photographer in the first years of Playboy, shooting centrefolds including his wife Eve. Following the success of The Immoral Mr Teas (1959), his reign in grindhouse theatres was cemented in the 1960s through the 1970s with the biggest boobs and the sleaziest satire in sexploitation, such as skin flicks Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965), Mondo Topless (1966), Vixen! (1968), Blacksnake (1973) and Supervixens (1975).

In Woody Allen’s 1973 film Sleeper, the orgasmatron, elevator-cum-
vibrator technology, provides an otherwise incapable future population with
orgasms. * Orry-Kelly’s eternally astounding near-transparent creation
worn by Marilyn Monroe in the last act of Some Like It Hot won the Best
Costume Design Oscar. ¥ In 9Vi Weeks, the fridge provides one of the
greatest cinematic examples of the relationship between food and sex.


ALTERNATIVE SEX SYMBOLSShowgirls (1995) is the impressive recipient of an all – time Razzie record, with 13 nominations of dishonour and seven humiliating wins at the 1995 16th Golden Raspberry Awards. PaulVerhoeven was the first director to actually collect his award in person. © Basic Instinct 2 (2006), aka Basically, It Stinks, picked up four awards and three nominations making it the 2007 Razzies’ outright winner. © Shanghai Surprise (1986) won a Razzie for Madonna’s performance, which didn’t put her off trying again in Body of Evidence (1993) and Swept Away (2002), for which she received further awards and nominations, all for the wrong reasons, including Worst Sex Scenes and Worst Movies.