In 1984, the repeal of the law that banned advertising from phone boxes led to their use by prostitutes to publicize their services. An estimated 13 million cards are placed in London’s 700 phone boxes every year, from some 250 prostitutes. UK telecoms company ВТ claims it removes about 150,000 cards every week.

Подпись: •bln 1999, Sweden's'peace for women' legislation was the first of its kind in Europe, criminalizing the buying of sex on the streets, in clubs and massage parlours, but decriminalizing its sale. Jail sentences for clients range from six months to six years, while attempts to buy services can bring fines. The law recognizes prostitution as exploitation of women. Since its inception, there has been a dramatic fall-off in trade. 4* Thailand has a long tradition of prostitution, which came to world attention during the Vietnam War, and which is now worth $27 billion a year in foreign exchange. Estimates say up to 95 per cent of Thai men over 21 have visited prostitutes, and at least 450,000 Thai men visit brothels every day. Even though prostitution is largely condoned, custom strictly forbids pre-marital sex between dating couples. Although Bangkok is the unofficial sex capital of the world, prostitution was banned in Thailand in 1969. 4* Japan likewise has a long history of tolerating prostitution. The 1956 law banning it does not describe penalties, nor does it proscribe oral or anal sex. Подпись: The estimated 3,500 sex businesses operating in one area of Tokyo offer such services as 'soaplands', 'image clubs' and 'pink salons'. More than 150,0 foreign women - Thai, Filipino and Russian mainly - work in the sex industry in Japan. 4* In 2007, Argentinean prostitutes marched in Buenos Aires to promote awareness of their lives. The campaign was illustrated by a message on a statue in Mercy Park, also known as Prostitute Park, which declared:'No woman is born a prostitute/ 4•Amsterdam's red light district is now home to a monument to celebrate prostitution around the world. 'Belle' designed by Els Rijerse was the idea of Mariska Majoor of the Prostitution Information Centre, a former prostitute herself. The bronze statue features a woman standing in a doorway with her hands on her hips. 4* Germany makes about $18 billion a year through its sex industry The biggest growth in the online porn market is from the UK and a recent study revealed more users in the UK search 'porn' than any other English-speaking country