. FEEL THE BENEFITThe English word ‘penis’ comes from Latin and it originally
meant the tail of an animal. ‘Репе’ is Latin for ‘inside’ and it
may have implied the part that goes inside (the vagina). The
correct plural is either ‘penes’ or ‘penises’.

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Ithyphallophobia is a fear of seeing, thinking about or
having an erect penis.

Подпись: Cosmopolitan magazine's top five male erogenous zones 0 Cremaster Muscle 0 Prostate 0 Lips 0 Nipples 0 Perineum AskMen.com top ten female erogenous zones © Inner thighs Q Behind the knees © Buttocks 0 Nape of the neck © Ears © Feet © Wrists e Breasts (nipples) 0 Vag ina/clitoris © Lips

‘The mind can also be an erogenous zone.’ Raquel Welch

‘You’re a woman of many parts, Pussy.’ James Bond, Goldfinger


. FEEL THE BENEFITMany researchers believe humans give off aphrodisiacal pheromones, scents which affect sexual desire and behaviour, and suggest healthy offspring. In 1996, Swiss scientist Claus Wedekind studied 44 men, who each wore a T-shirt for two days without washing. The unwashed T-shirts were given to a group of women to smell and choose partners.

The men with similar immune systems to the women’s own were compared with their fathers or brothers; they preferred the men whose immune systems were most different.

‘Blake said that the body was the soul’s prison unless the five senses
are fully developed and open. He considered the senses the "windows
of the sold". When sex involves all the senses intensely, it can be like
a mystical experience.’ Jim Morrison, the Doors

Подпись: Quickies

♦ ‘Dressing’ is when a man positions ‘the family jewels’ to one side of the trousers.

•♦•In 2006, Spam-

Filter-Review. com found 19 per cent of spam to be of an adult nature.

♦ An ‘alley affair’ is sex in a deserted public space.

♦ A lucky Pierre is a male three-way.

♦ With the average amount of sex a typical American couple has, it would take them about four years to get through all of the 529 positions of the Kama Sutra.

♦ About 500 Americans die each year from asphyxia during sex.

♦ Using a strap-on dildo on a


called ‘pegging’.

♦ A cuckold was

an adulterous woman in medieval times, who made a ‘cuckoo’ of her husband, just as the female bird would lay eggs in

another bird’s nest, freeing her from all


♦ Baisiexia is sexual arousal from kissing.

♦ An American trombone is a

threesome with the woman

bending over in the middle.

♦ Dry humping is usually

performed on the dance floor, or anywhere it would be inappropriate to get undressed, and means getting as intimate as possible with clothes on.

♦ A ‘train’ is a line of people waiting to have sex or a line of men each penetrating the man in front.

♦ A booty call is a reliable source of last-minute sex, generally like ordering a pizza. A booty break is time off from sex.

Sex and the cigarette