‘I used both hands to hide
My blushing, sweating cheeks. Indeed, I tried.

But oh, what could I do, then, when I found
My bodice splitting of its own accord?’

From When His Mouth Faced My Mouth, Amaru, c. ad800,
translated by John Brough

The female response cycle is in three stages of desire, arousal and orgasm:

♦ Physical and mental stimulation

♦ Vaginal lubrication

♦ Vagina lengthens, distends and walls fill with blood

♦ Labia is erect

♦ Clitoris is erect

♦ Breasts swell

♦ Nipples become erect

♦ Uterus and cervix move forward

♦ Heart rate increases

♦ Blood pressure rises

♦ Skin visibly flushed

♦ Vagina changes to resemble a tent shape

♦ Vagina exudes secretion

Orgasm produces limb jerking and powerful trembling; the uterus and anus contract; and orgasmic contractions are similar to the male. Some women can experience multiple orgasms.

‘Sex can still be great, even without an orgasm.’

Kristin Davis