FIRST LADIES OF SEXThere ain’t nothing like a madame. Claiming to provide an honest, safe and popular business environment away from the dangers on the streets, these women are just helping along what comes naturally.


Подпись: That's their business Known as 'La Madame Claude Britannique', Scottish 'date sales' businesswoman Margaret McDonald went from convent school girl to highly successful international madame running one of the biggest prostitution rings in Europe, for which she was jailed in 2003. At her peak, she had 450 young women plus a handful of male escorts listed on her laptop. Clients paid up to £650 an hour for sex, of which her cut was 40 per cent, and while the escorts could enjoy jet-setting around the world with wealthy businessmen and celebrities, McDonald claimed sex was never paid for and, if it was, then that was purely between the date and the client.

Fernande Grudet, aka the notorious Madame Claude, ran a thriving high-class call-girl empire whose tentacles stretched from Paris to the Middle East and Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s and which was allegedly protected, and used, by politicians, the police and VIPs as if it were a state service. She handpicked her girls, taught them escort etiquette, chose their lingerie and frocks and educated them in culture, before turning them loose on appropriate clients, many of whom they later married. She was convicted of tax evasion and served a four-month jail sentence in 1986, the same year her memoirs were published. There is now a restaurant called Madame Claude in Jersey City.