Подпись: Bognor Regis-bom Brit Cynthia, who has had two movies made about her colourful life and career - Personal Services and Wish You Were Here - found fame when she was convicted in 1978 of running'the biggest disorderly house in history'. She served six months in jail. Her services included parties at which 'luncheon vouchers' were distributed, entitling guests to food, drink and sex with a prostitute. During the wrap party for Personal Services, the police raided her house again, leading to further tabloid tales and scandals. This prompted her to stand for Parliament (unsuccessfully) under the banner of the Payne and Pleasure Party, in 1988 and 1992, which campaigned to change Britain's sex laws. Cynthia is now a successful after-dinner speaker. 'If men want sex they'll find it.' Cynthia Payne

Known as the Hollywood Madame, Fleiss’s career hit the headlines in 1993 when a police sting operation blew the cover on her high-class services, which apparently attracted numerous wealthy and famous clients. During her trial for pandering [providing prostitutes] and tax evasion, Heidi refused to name any of her high – profile customers, although actor Charlie Sheen revealed he had been one. She was convicted and served 21 months in prison. In 2003 Heidi was hired to be the public face of the Daily Planet in Melbourne, Australia’s first brothel to be listed on the stock exchange. In recent times she has applied to open a brothel – Stud Farm – in Nevada, in which male prostitutes will cater for female-only clients.

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