When Larry Flint’s pioneering magazine of crude humour and nude women decided to print a parody of a Campari ad featuring fundamentalist minister Jerry Falwell in an incestuous role with his mother, Falwell sued. A disclaimer at the bottom of the page said, ‘Ad parody, not to be taken seriously’, but although Falwell lost his libel claim he did win $200,000 for’emotional distress’. In 1988, the Supreme Court reversed the verdict as the First and 14th Amendments prohibit public figures from receiving damages for emotional distress based on satire.

Подпись: The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) NC-17: Old X rating. 18 and over only. R: Anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult. This voluntary US film rating system began in 1968. Studios generally won't release and cinemas won't show any title above R. British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) 18: Old X rating. Films for adults only, to buy, rent or see in a cinema, generally depicting simulated sex for 'sexual arousal or stimulation'. R18: Films for adults only, with real sex for 'sexual arousal or stimulation' and 'explicit works of consenting sex between adults'. Can only be shown in 'specially licensed cinemas, or supplied only in licensed sex shops'. Office of Film and Literature Classification R18+: People under 18 cannot rent or exhibit these films. X18+: People under 18 cannot exhibit, buy or rent these films. The Australian ratings system was transformed into its current colour- coded format in 2005. Individual states and territories can make further rulings.

‘Nothing is obscene providing it is done in bad taste.’ Russ Meyer


The now lost Damaged Goods (US 1914, UK 1919) was made as a sex education film. On re-release, in 1915, it was a box office smash. It was unrated, but its sensational content about a soldier who catches an STD from a prostitute proved as entertaining as it was instructive.

Подпись: BANNED
Подпись: Director Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs (1971) was banned in the UK due to its brutality and rape scenes. Later recognized as an illustration of man's capabilities when pushed to the edge, rather than a celebration of violence, it was re-released in 2002. In Crash (1996), a scientist and an accident victim become obsessed with sex and car collisions. David Cronenberg's 'auto'-erotic film was banned by Westminster Council in the UK, despite winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes. ALSO BANNED: ♦ India: Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1996) ♦ Iran/Iraq/Kuwait/Malaysia: The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) ♦ Malaysia: Showgirls (1995) ♦ China: Brokeback Mountain (2006) ♦ Oman: Basic Instinct 2 (2006)


Midnight Cowboy (1969) is the first and only X-rated film to receive the Oscar for Best Film. 4* In the award-winning and Academy-nominated Last Tango in Paris (1973), director Bernardo Bertolucci’s fantasies about sex with a stranger formed the basis of his film, which was banned by the Church, while an anal sex scene saw the director and leading cast members arrested. Marlon Brando’s unplanned scene caused a scandal in Italy and was as much of a surprise to his leading lady Maria Schneider. 4* Along with fellow nominee A Clockwork Orange (1971), all three X-rated films were later re-released as ‘R’ – not the X rating’s original role. 4* Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was contracted as an R-rated sequel, but the finished product earned its X after some major changes.


Until the 1960s, masturbation was considered a sin by many experts, including doctors, educators and members of the Church. It is now accepted that masturbation does not cause blindness, madness, STDs, sterility or pregnancy, and is widely recognized as something most men and women do which may or may not be why there are so many different terms for it, including:

Airing the orchid 4 fishing for the mackerel 4 sanding the banister 4 jacking
off 4 jerking off 4 whacking off 4 shooting off 4 friggin’your riggin’

4 pulling your pud 4 bashing the bishop 4 firing your peter 4 milking the
mouse 4 whipping your turkey 4 charming the snake 4 making the rooster
crow 4 peeling the banana 4 juicing the plum 4 tootling your flute 4 bopping
the baloney 4 milking your doodle 4 playing pocket pool 4 spanking Elvis

Commonly used accessories, not all of them advisable, include vacuum cleaner attachments, dolls, vibrators, lubricants and pornography ❖ Methods include the rubdown, waterfall, old reliable, not quite so reliable, belly-scratch, squeeze, autofellation and autocunnilingus ❖ Jack clubs are men-only places, where just manual contact is permitted, often in temporary settings ❖ Jack and Jill events tend to be one-off parties or benefits ❖ Australian research shows masturbating regularly prevents prostate cancer in men ❖ The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation ♦> Masturbilia are items to remind someone of the person or thing they are fantasizing about during masturbation.

‘If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.’

Woody Allen

Please yourself


Self-gratification vs self-abuse

The Egyptians worshipped Atum the sun god as creator of the first people via masturbation, while the Sumerians wrote of Mesopotamian god Enki filling the Tigris with his sperm; in ancient Greece, women regularly used leather and wooden dildos. Reputedly, Diogenes, the itinerant philosopher, used to masturbate in front of crowds to demonstrate his doctrine of self-sufficiency. St Augustine of Hippo, of the early Christian church, said that contraceptive sexual activity was a sin worse than rape or incest. In the Bible, the story of Onan was taken to be anti-masturbatory and by the 18th century the idea that masturbation was harmful came to light via sources such as the writings of Rousseau and the quack pamphlet Опапіа in 1712. Deterrents, such as potions, metal penis cages and hobbles to keep girls’ legs together, were available in the mid-19th century. Dr John Harvey Kellogg believed his patented breakfast cereal doubled as an antidote to the sins of the flesh, while the father of scouting Lord Baden-Powell spoke of boys going insane from the ‘beastliness’. Sigmund Freud wrote of benefits and disorders, but by the mid-20th century, researchers began to set minds at rest. In 1948, Alfred Kinsey’s 15-year study promoted masturbation as a normal practice, with results showing that 92-97 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women indulged. Some religious institutions still refute the modern view and recent research shows many men and women still feel guilty and find it hard to talk about it. However, National Masturbation Month in May has been celebrated for more than a decade.


Sleep sex

In June 2007, Sleep journal published a report from leading researchers on ‘sleep sex’. Carlos Schenck MD of the University of Minnesota and his colleagues found cases of serious injuries caused by unconscious masturbation. This is a condition afflicting both men and women.