Following the 2006 Football World Cup, Germany discovered scoring had not been confined to the field of play when there was a much – needed baby boom nine months later. ‘World Cup Babies’ reversed the unwelcome downward trend in the country’s birth rate. As role models, policewomen were targeted to get the ball rolling and given a €7 discount on herbal aphrodisiac Femi-X, the female equivalent of Viagra, plus a DVD of sex tips.

lie hace un polvete? Fancy a quickie?

In the line of duty

• Polynesians are systematically instructed on sexual techniques by their elders.

• In Japan, No-Pan Kissa coffee houses have mirrored floors to allow customers to look up waitresses’ skirts. Its name translates simply as the ‘No Panties Cafe’.

• In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, men are not allowed to have sex with mother and daughter – at the same time.

• Apparently, a man who is tripped during a Colombian dance by a Goajiro woman has to have sex with her.

• Greece was named officially as the sexiest country in the world, according to a 2005 Durex survey, with citizens enjoying sex 138 times a year – well over three times the global average.

• Saleswomen can legally trade topless in Liverpool, England – if they work in tropical fish stores.

• During the wedding ceremony, the Incas gave each


other their sandals as an official symbol of marriage.

• Female islanders of Lesu in the Pacific show their genitals when they are attracted to a man.

• A Balanta tribe bride of Africa was married as long as her wedding dress lasted. For a quick split, she could rip the dress to shreds.

• In China and Taiwan, the expression ‘wearing a green hat’ applies to a man whose wife is unfaithful. Many Taipei post – office workers, therefore, whose uniform was completely green, were understandably reluctant to wear the hat that came with it.

• Tang Empress Wu Hou is said to have expected visitors to perform oral sex on her as a sign of respect.

• Cleopatra is thought to have made her diaphragm from camel faeces.

• In the US, 24 states allow impotence as solid grounds for divorce.


‘One half of the world cannot understand
the pleasures of the other.’ Jane Austen