For many in love the symptoms are bearable, as sickening for devoted bliss can be its own remedy. But, according to recent reports, the consequences of stress from emotional extremes – lack of concentration, no appetite and no sleep – suggest being in love can be too intense to handle, while those whose love is unrequited can also find it hard to cope. Some psychologists believe it is even possible to die of a broken heart as a result of depression and losing the will to carry on.

Love Letters

When a guy from Canada met a girl from Belgium on holiday in Cuba, he fell hard, but unfortunately failed to recover sufficiently to get her number. Believing love can find a way, he wrote to 3,700 Sabines in Belgium and his story spread on the airwaves where a friend of the real Sabine heard his plea and passed on his amorous appeal.


A 2007 poll by Money Expert found that the average Brit pays out about £744 a year on their nearest and dearest, with men spending more than women. While diamonds remain a girl’s best friend, other top romantic gifts included Koi carp and tattoos.