A 2005 survey by lifestyle site Askmen. com revealed that 70 per cent strongly believed in marriage, 65 per cent would not cheat even if they could get away with it, only 18 per cent visited a strip club at least once a month and 60 per cent wanted greater variety or simply more sex.

‘In my day, I would only have sex with a man if I found him
extremely attractive. These days, girls seem to choose them in much
the same way as they might choose to suck on a boiled sweet.’

Mary Wesley, British novelist


Recent studies reveal that stressed-out Singaporeans have no energy left to enjoy sex. Professor Victor Goh found that Singaporeans only indulged six times a month, while in other countries three times a week was the norm. Research showed that lack of time was responsible. However, only about 40 per cent of the men and 20 per cent of the women below the age of 40 actually expressed a desire for more.

Sleeping Partners

The average number of lifetime sexual partners according to the Durex 2005 global sex survey is:

AMERICA 10.7 ❖ UK 9.8 ❖ AUSTRALIA 13.3 ❖ GERMANY 5.8 ❖ INDIA
has the lowest figure with 3 ❖ TURKEY tops the list with 14.5

MALE REALITY CHECKSymmetry in a woman’s features is not related to fidelity.

♦ ♦♦

4 The more symmetrical a man’s features, the earlier he loses his virginity and the more likely he is to be unfaithful.