Some people love to tell sex stories of incredible feats. And some people will believe anything…








for’pleasure’ has been destroyed
and Casanova can put down his
libido to a natural talent and not
his pre-conquest dose of hot
chocolate. Phenylethylamine,
which provides feelings of
attraction, love and euphoria, is
found in chocolate.

However, sadly, recent
studies have revealed
that the majority of the

‘love chemical’ is already
broken down before it
can reach the brain.

^ Drinking fizzy drinks

doesn’t prevent pregnancy.
The colouring agent Yellow No.5
is not a contraceptive and has
been judged safe by the FDA, so,
while using sodas as spermicidal
douches and contraceptives is
not recommended they are
best used to wash down the
real thing.


^ Using two condoms at the
same time will not provide
double protection. All double-
bagging does is increase the
chance of the condoms splitting.
^ Catherine the Great did have a
passion for her horses – but not
in the biblical sense. Her

death was not the result of
being crushed under the
weight of her latest

equine lover; it was from
natural causes, in bed,
no horse.

% Despite fuelling rumours

that the cops had caught Mick
Jagger ‘enjoying’ an intimate
Mars Bar from between her legs
by apparently appearing in the
brand’s commercial with the
slogan ‘Pleasure you can’t
measure’, Marianne Faithfull has
been firm in her denial that the
event ever happened.


A man was very, very late home one night, so to please his wife,
before she had time to get upset, he decided to surprise her with
great sex. After the amazing event, he went downstairs to get
himself a self-congratulatory drink for his inspiration. ‘Ssshhh!’ said
a voice from the living room sofa. ‘Your mother’s visiting. Don’t
wake her, she’s asleep in our bed.’