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★ The largest penis was recorded by Dr Robert L Dickinson in the early 20th century at 13.5in long and 6.25in circumference.

★ The most valuable nude photos are of a 22-year-old Marilyn Monroe, taken by Tom Kelley. At an auction in 2001, bidding reached $475,000, but the pics remained unsold as the bid didn’t meet the reserve price.

★ In 1999, the world’s most downloaded naked woman
was Danni Ashe, nude model and ex-stripper, with 240 million hits.

★ The first male full frontal nude in Playboy was Johnny Crawford in September 1973. With 11 appearances, Pamela Anderson has been on the cover of Playboy more than anyone else.

★ In Mexico City in May 2007, approximately 18,000 naked men and women posed for US photographer Spencer Tunick.

World sex records

Louis XV of France’s personal royal harem in the Parc aux Cerfs cost about $20m a year. Ж According to Kinsey, one man had three orgasms a day for 30 years, while another had about 33 a week for 30 years. Ф In their research, sex experts Masters and Johnson witnessed more than 10,000 male and female orgasms. $ The furthest-flung female ejaculation is about 3 metres. Ф Abu’l Hayjeh is recorded as deflowering 80 virgins in one night. Ф The world’s longest clitoris, featured in W Francis Benedict’s The Sexual Anatomy of Women, comes in at 12 inches. Ф Mae West was the oldest sex symbol at an unheard of 40 when she first arrived in Hollywood. $ The whale has the biggest vagina in the animal kingdom, at approximately 6 to 8ft long. Ф The rorqual whale has the largest penis up to 10ft long and 1ft wide. Ф The average woman burns off between 70 and 120 calories per hour during sex, compared to 77 and 155 for the average man.


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