A couple in Jerusalem were fined for having sex in their car. So? Not only were they so eager to satisfy their passion that they didn’t pull over, but the road block they caused was in the fast lane.


No brakes

Подпись: Eroticar A 2007 'Cars and Summer Romance Survey' by On Demand TV revealed that 70 per cent of Americans want to do it in the car during the summer, with nearly 30 per cent choosing a BMW, 24 per cent preferring a Mercedes and 30 per cent going for a Hummer as the vehicle of choice; 66 per cent would date someone because of their car. Amomaxia is the term for having sex in a parked car.

This is an activity gaining popularity in the UK. Enthusiasts meet at secluded locations either to watch other people having sex in cars, or to have sex in cars watched by other people. Depends on whether you are a Peeping Tom or an exhibitionist, and how you’re feeling that day. Footballer Stan Collymore, who was in Basic Instinct 2 with Sharon Stone, admitted going dogging a dozen or more times. The derivation of the term is disputed. It either comes from the idea of using an imaginary dog as an excuse to hang around the bushes, telling your wife you are taking the dog for a walk to hide your true intentions, or the thought of copulating in public like a canine. Those who oppose dogging, often genuine dog walkers, carry megaphones that make the sound of police sirens to frighten doggers away. The Ultimate Dogging Championship is supposedly held at Rivington,

Lancashire. Events include the 10-Man Train,

Pearly Rain and The Most Extreme Slapper.

‘Why don’t we do it in the road?/No one will be watching us.’

The Beatles, ‘Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?’, 1968

Love and war