The hotel heiress declared she was quitting one-night stands on Live with Regis and Kelly in June 2006. Six months later, ParisExposed. com revealed the contents of her locker, including a video allegedly including footage in a bubble bath. Most memorable is her 2003 starring role in One Night in Paris with ex Rick Salomon. The sex video shot in a hotel room in ‘night vision’ was leaked, but later she allowed its release on DVD, winning Adult Video News awards for its efforts.



People do the craziest things for love, but sometimes all it takes is a bit of romance to achieve the heart’s desire.

Soft spot for romance

Research by Professor Richard Harris of Kansas State University showed that men enjoy so-called ‘chick flicks’ too. When he separated a group of men and a group of women and asked them to rate romantic movies, the study revealed that both sexes gave the same ratings. While the women believed men only watched for the sex scenes, many of the men actually preferred the more romantic parts, and when the men said they thought the women loved the romance, they were right.