VAeval Celtic goddess of sex and small size. When dissatisfied wives took their husbands to court, she judged whether the men were doing enough to please them. VAisha Qandisha Moroccan goddess of sexual activity, who appeared as a beauty or a hag and was best obeyed when it came to her rampant demands.

VEros (Roman: Cupid) Greek god of erotic love also known for his impish ways, this winged son of Aphrodite and Ares launched two types of arrows: one kind created passion, the other caused indifference. Often blindfolded, he illustrated the fact that love is blind. VFreya Viking goddess of sensuality and fertility, said to be the most beautiful. One of her best-known features is the Necklace of the Brisings, obtained from four dwarves who demanded she sleep with each of them in return for the coveted jewellery.

V Hermaphroditus Greek son of Hermes and Aphrodite who was fused with a nymph, making him partly male, partly female.

VKama Indian god of love and
desire, who was accompanied by a honeybee. His arrows injected a sensual selection of satisfaction, prowess and libido.

VLempo Finnish lord of all evil and demons, and shockingly, also the Finnish god of love.

V Lofn Viking goddess who revelled in forbidden love and illicit unions.

VP’an Chin-lien Chinese goddess of prostitutes.

VSjofn Norse goddess who put the passion back into failing marriages.

IHlazolteotl Aztec goddess of love, licentiousness and sex, also the ‘eater of filth’. Men confessed their sins, which she consumed before they met their death. VYarilo Slavic god represented on a white horse, embracing spring, fertility and virility.

Sex gods and goddesses