SEX ON LOCATIONSex in unusual places provides that extra frisson…



According to the Durex sex survey of 2005, 15 per cent of people questioned had had sex at work; Australians preferred the great outdoors, with 54 per cent having had sex in the park; 21 per cent of Americans and Canadians have done it in front of a camera; and for eight out of ten Italians passion was best found in the car.

Naked weekend

Where do nudists book their holidays? The whitest sands and sunniest climes would be a stereotypical guess, but British Naturism booked its 2006 vacation at Alton Towers theme park in England – in November! Taking all the rooms and having the run of the rides in the off-season meant guests could take off their clothes and really make themselves at home… that’s if their bits didn’t fall off with the cold.