The most male orgasms in an hour: 16 4 the average speed of released
semen: 28 mph 4 the most semen swallowed (verified by stomach pump):
1.7 pints by Michelle Monaghan, LA, July 1991 4 female gangbang:
a woman called ‘Houston’ had 620 men in approximately 10 hours
(with a few breaks), averaging around 58 seconds per man – the
action was recorded on video 4 most female orgasms in an hour: 134
4 male gangbang: 55 women in one day by porn star Jon Dough – he
had five to six ejaculations 4 male record over 30 years: one man had
intercourse 52,000 times, averaging 33.3 times a week, (source: clipmarks)


T didn’t kill nobody; I didn’t rape no children; I had sex with a
woman who wasn’t my wife. It was wrong, but I paid for it.’
Boris Becker, admitting to sex in a cupboard at a Nobu restaurant