Подпись: Toothing was the 'hi-tech sex craze of 2007': strangers flirt with each other on Bluetooth and seek to have sex in unusual spots such as the toilets on a train.

Sex on a plane is the basic requirement to join the Mile High Club, a term used for couples who have achieved satisfaction in the sky. Famous members allegedly include Ralph Fiennes with attendant Lisa Robertson, marking their membership and the end of her role with Qantas on a flight from Darwin to Mumbai. A number of companies offer planes specially equipped for this purpose with champagne and a furnished cabin to help amorous passengers make their own in-flight entertainment and join the club. There is also an actual Mile High Club online platform for people to add their tales to the other knee-rubbing passengers’ stories of quite saucy and heated moments since 1996. According to the club’s site, the honour of being founder goes to Laurence Sperry, fittingly one of the inventors of the autopilot. When giving lessons to a Mrs Waldo Polk in 1916, the pair flew into trouble and the plane fell into the bay waters near New York. Rescuers discovered them safe and sound – and with their clothes in considerable disarray.