Star of Minsky’s Burlesque in the 30s, American stripper Gypsy Rose Lee began her career at the age of 15 and became famous not only for taking off her clothes slowly but for teasing with her wit, which developed out of her initial shyness at performing. In 1979, a bow-tied and buff men’s troupe called the Chippendales turned the tables and offered women all around the world a dancing-exhibitionist extravaganza of muscles, baby oil and audience interaction. Now, they can also be found on mobile phone features, such as screensavers.



Invented in America by Herman Casler in 1894, the Mutoscope showed moving pictures to one person at a time using the’flip-book’ principle. Some of the reels had a risque theme, the most popular being What the Butler Saw machines, and the idea of peeking through a keyhole leading to the peep show projector known as the ‘pay and spray’. Tissues were provided in booths where men could watch films or live sex shows until the coin-operated timer went shutting the viewing slot until more money was paid.

It was the first mechanical sexual entertainment.