3. Hibaq, a 40-year-old woman, was raped by three unknown assailants in the middle of the night at Liboi camp in March 1993. She was sleeping in her hut with her three children aged 21, ten, and eight years old. [1]

scarves around their heads. One of them had a gun. They dragged me out of the house and then searched the house for money. They couldn’t find any so they dragged me back inside and began beating me. I started crying and screaming:‘God is great, God is great and my God is watching you.’They said:‘Fuck your God.’They slapped me on my ears and even now I can’t hear in one ear: No one came to help me. They were too scared. Then all three raped me in my own house while my children were there. One of them held a gun at my throat while the other raped me and then they changed places. For one hour they raped me and then they went to another house. (Interview, Liboi camp, Kenya, 19 July 1993)

When Hibaq’s husband discovered she had been raped, he kicked her out of the compound where the family was living and took her belongings, including her food ration card. After an intervention by the UNHCR and the committee of elders in the camp, her ration card was returned and she was allowed access to her children but her husband refused to have anything more to do with her.