1. Maryam, a 38-year-old woman of the Marehan clan, arrived at Ifo camp in north eastern Kenya around July 1992. A month later she was sleeping at the hut of a friend when they were attacked by nine unknown assailants. In Maryam’s words:

They came around 9pm. We were in the house sleeping. They came into the house with guns and knives and told us to give them our money We didn’t know them. They were wearing black jackets, trousers and hats. We were so scared, we gave them everything. Then they began to beat me. They beat me for hours and then six men raped me. After the rape I was in so much pain I could not walk. The doctor had to come to the hut to see me. (Interview, Marafa camp, Kenya, 23 July 1993)

2. Asalim, a 20-year-old Ogadeni, had been recently married and was expecting her first child. In March 1993 she and her husband were asleep at night when two unknown men entered their house. She described them as being dressed in olive-coloured jackets and trousers and both carrying guns. They threatened Asalim and her husband and stole the few belongings in the hut. Asalim explains:

They took me to the bush outside the camp. I was so scared that no sound was coming from my mouth. They asked me what clan I was and then told me to remove my clothes. Both men raped me – each twice. (Interview, Dagahaley camp, Kenya, 26 July 1993)