Whether happens so, what communicating with any person, you suddenly do not know, about what to speak? How to be the interesting interlocutor in any situation?
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Or conversation went perfectly, but suddenly your conversation began to come to naught? Perhaps you simply did not find proper words or a subject for conversation?

If the such happens often, do not take to heart, such it happens with all. And here is how to be interesting to the interlocutor in any situation, I and want to tell in this article.

First, as for a long time it is known, the interesting interlocutor – not the one who speaks, and the one who listens more more. Become the ideal listener, completely plunge into the story, ask specifying questions, express the sincere interest, from time to time insert comments, sometimes the emotionally painted. Questions which you set, should be open on which it is impossible to give the terse answer – yes or no.

On sales, for example, there is such equipment of "KGB" – the client speaks more. And so, let your interlocutor always speaks more. Still speak so: «Why the person has two ears and only one mouth?» Guessed? Correctly – listen twice more than speak.

Well, and if you want to take an active position in conversation, to speak so that listened to you, – it is necessary to develop the oratorical skills. Try to tell emotionally, use more descriptive adjectives, change rate of the speech, intonation, loudness, maintain pauses in necessary places. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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The important point is to whom you talk. One business the programmer, and another – the artist. Everyone speaks in the language. Listen, what words of people uses in the speech. From time to time and you use them. Try to define character of the interlocutor and build the speech, taking it into consideration.

How to choose a subject for conversation? It is best of all to start to communicate on the general subjects: about weather, novelties in cinema, music, books, about news. Always to be well informed about events, regularly look through news in interesting you and your environment spheres. Spend for it at least hour per week – not too much, but, believe, results will soon have an effect.

Try to learn about interests of the interlocutor – simply ask it about it. Any person with pleasure will tell you about the hobby.

To find a common language with any person, it is necessary to broaden the horizons. For this purpose take in a habit constantly to study any subject new to you – and spend for it 1–2 hours weekly. For example, solve: today you study that such actions, or something else. It is important, that it was interesting to you.

For a start on a subject interesting you it is possible to look at a material in the encyclopedia. If there will be a desire – go deep into studying further. It is possible to find books on interesting subject in book Internet shop, it is possible to use other web resources, the benefit, specially it is not necessary to go anywhere. You can quickly choose and compare the necessary information.

I am quite sure that, following these simple councils, you can improve the skills of communication, and soon about you will start to respond as about very interesting person.