f this is your moment to move on, congratulations. If you’ve quit, been poached, or even been laid off, the future looks rosier than the past. You may be feeling nervous and insecure, but your prospects, and the prospects for all women yearning for workplace sanity, are better than ever. Across the country, com­panies are instituting flexibility as a standard work practice, which often does away with the need for those agonizing indi­vidual negotiations. You’ve embarked on your search at just the right time—the work life you want is within reach.

Instead of trying to make an existing job bend to fit what you need, you may be able to find a new model built to suit. No ret­rofitting! And by the way, this is the same for any of you being wooed or simply looking around for something better from your current perch. In this chapter you’ll learn not only how to spot potential employers that meet your needs, but we’ll also show you our favorite Womenomics-friendly companies. Their exam­ple is changing our world of work.