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The image maker is necessary to you?

To achieve success in any field of activity, it is necessary to have certain qualities and traits of character. Known psychologist Charles Jung considered that everyone judge on that image, which everyone примеривает before issue. The image maker is necessary to you?

As often it is necessary to hear from people around that they are talented, formed, purposeful – and, nevertheless, cannot achieve success in a professional field.

According to researches of psychologists, 85 % of people make the opinion on the person in the first 10-20 seconds of Continue reading

How successfully to pass interview?

Interview at employment – a thing inevitable. Though to pass «check on suitability» to this or that position it is not too pleasant, but it is that chance which you should use. How successfully to pass interview?
Adam Gregor,

The biggest mistake of candidates – uncertainty in a voice, inability to tell about itself is accurately and clearly.

Confirm told by concrete examples. In advance prepare houses of an illustration of your achievements. For example, if you worked within the large project, it is necessary to tell, you achieved what results and in what Continue reading

What does manner to behave mean?

Often in conversation it is possible to hear – «during a meeting it kept very naturally». What would it mean? It appears, the pose during conversation is important for an assessment of our vis-a-vis. What does manner to behave mean?
Olesia Bilkei,

The person sits or costs? How the body case is located? How lie on a table of a hand? How it moves? – involuntarily we pay attention to all this. Human communication – difficult process of a mimicry and impellent activity. Unconscious language of a body can tell about internal state of the partner.

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What for a profession «the insurance agent»?

We constantly live in fear. For itself, the health, a family, the car, the house. We are afraid that we will break in ice the car earned by back-breaking toil that the drunk from the next apartment will not switch off the iron, and a family living from above, will flood that thieves will pull out from "fortress" everything without remainder and leave without means of support. The fear to remain without money pursues us everywhere. What for a profession «the insurance agent»?
Andrei Shumskiy,

Perhaps from the word "fear" also there was an insurance, Continue reading

How to find favourite business, having avoided mistakes?

At first we will understand that such favourite business and why it to look for. One of the most important parameters of satisfaction life is finding of business which brings to you: 1–pleasure, 2 – the worthy income. If there is a pleasure, but there is no money is a hobby if there is money, but there is no pleasure is a work (and it is not important – hired or on itself). How to find favourite business, having avoided mistakes?

Favourite business combines these two parties and consequently many people want it to find, but not at all these it turns out. It occurs because Continue reading

How to become the stewardess?

If at least once to you such question came to the head, most likely adventurism, bent for to risk and love to adventures are inherent in you. Work of the steward is shrouded in romanticism: sky, planes, far cities and countries… How to become the stewardess?

But after all the main function of stewards and stewardesses – safety onboard. And if you decided to choose for yourselves this profession, it is necessary to approach to it with all gravity and responsibility!

Girls and young people from 18 to 27 years, having an average, the secondary Continue reading