Interview at employment – a thing inevitable. Though to pass «check on suitability» to this or that position it is not too pleasant, but it is that chance which you should use. How successfully to pass interview?
Adam Gregor,

The biggest mistake of candidates – uncertainty in a voice, inability to tell about itself is accurately and clearly.

Confirm told by concrete examples. In advance prepare houses of an illustration of your achievements. For example, if you worked within the large project, it is necessary to tell, you achieved what results and in what a project essence.

The second that interests the employer as far as you be entered in collective.

The basic principle – not to be allocated. The majority of employers negatively treat bright identity. While you the beginner, try not to be allocated.

And, strangely enough, but the enthusiasm spark in eyes too plays large role. The employer should be sure that in few months you will not be disappointed in the work. Laziness to read? Then listen!

Dmitry Kreminsky reads

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Throughout interview it is necessary to hold a certain emotional heat.

It is very useful to learn in advance about activity of firm and future position in general. To dig out this information not too difficult. There are many special directories, databases and, of course, the Internet.

With small firms it is more difficult. But it is possible to ask acquaintances – can, somebody knows something or will guide at the necessary person.

In certain cases it is possible to play in the spy: under the pretext of the client to call in marketing service of the alleged employer and порасспрашивать at them some information.

And now we will polish the nimbus! The widespread reason of a failure at interview – inability to come into personal contact to the speaking. And today skill to communicate – ability to have conversation in the necessary key is, more than ever, appreciated.

Watch reaction of the interlocutor. If you ask: «Whether easily you found office?», – answer with 1-2 phrases.

Listen to the interlocutor attentively. It is better to concentrate that say to you, than that you want to tell.

Answer questions, using speech turns of the interlocutor. Thus it is easier to find a common language.

Even if you shake knees, it is necessary to look in the face to the interlocutor, but not to "eat" it with a look. Otherwise you will make impression of the person insincere or uncertain.

Turn the bad qualities into the good. Often ask a question: «How you consider, whether there are at you shortcomings? What would you want to change in yourselves? «It is possible to answer this question as follows:« Speak, I give too much time to work, but, in my opinion, such employee is necessary to each chief».

Force the interlocutor to get to talking! Interview is not only interview, but as also dialogue. At the chief it is possible to take an interest about production plans on the future, how there will be a reorganization. You should find out everything that you interests, and only then to solve, whether this position suits you.

Successful job searches! Also remember: the one who looks for, that will always find.]