If at least once to you such question came to the head, most likely adventurism, bent for to risk and love to adventures are inherent in you. Work of the steward is shrouded in romanticism: sky, planes, far cities and countries… How to become the stewardess?
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But after all the main function of stewards and stewardesses – safety onboard. And if you decided to choose for yourselves this profession, it is necessary to approach to it with all gravity and responsibility!

Girls and young people from 18 to 27 years, having an average, the secondary vocational or higher education, pleasant appearance and growth from 165 to 190 see can become stewards. It is necessary to know English, it is desirable in volume of three courses of higher education institution or a biennial state language course.

To register in training, call in the airline being in your city, and specify, when there is a set on courses, usually it is spring or autumn. Then you will invite to interview. The very first criterion of selection – appearance: the stewardess should be pleasant and pretty. The pretender should not have no defects of speech. After interview to you will channelize on medical board (VLEK – a medical and flight commission of experts), after all stewards should possess absolute health.

After passing of medical board educational groups are formed. Training lasts three and a half months (though in different airlines terms can vary). The theoretical and practical part enters into it. Specialized subjects of types of planes (each steward has the right to fly only on four types of planes) enter into a theoretical part, disciplines about safety of flights, about rendering of medical care and other. On a practical training of future stewards and stewardesses learn how to behave at emergency situations, for example, at evacuation on a land or on water (such occupation is carried out in the pool), at fire emergence onboard the aircraft (in this situation stewards are obliged to suppress a panic and to evacuate passengers within 90 seconds).

On the termination of each discipline examination in the form of dough or poll is carried out. To receive the certificate of the international sample, it is necessary to be trained on foreign exercise machines and if those are not present in your training center, trips abroad therefore it is necessary to take care of international passport existence in advance are possible. In training the grant is paid. Laziness to read? Then listen!

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After passing of courses you are waited by examination, and at positive estimates it will be necessary to fly away thirty class periods with the instructor then the certificate that you became the steward of the third class stands out. To raise a class to the second, it is necessary to accumulate 2000 flight hours, to the first – 3000 hours. In a month according to sanitary standards it is impossible to fly more than 77 hours. The salary depends on number of the fulfilled hours and a class of the steward or the stewardess. By the way, on May 31 the World day of the steward is celebrated.

So, if it seems to you, what exactly work in the sky your calling, show persistence and persistence. Then you are waited by flights not only in a dream, but also in reality!